9 bonkers things Donald Trump said in his new exclusive interview with Time

“I can’t be doing so badly, because I’m president, and you’re not.”

In an exclusive interview with Time’s Michael Scherer, printed Thursday, President Donald Trump principally affords three sorts of explanations for why it’s okay for him to say points that aren’t true.

Trump thinks it’s okay to repeat a false declare as long as he is exactly stating the reality that someone else made the false declare. He thinks it’s okay to say one factor false as long as it later appears that one factor vaguely comparable is true. And he appears to imagine it’s okay to easily straight-up lie after which maintain lying for no goal.

Listed below are three quotes on class one misstatements, the place Trump says he was exactly saying totally different people talked about one factor false, so there’s no goal for him to apologize for spreading misinformation:

  • “I’m merely quoting the newspaper [about Ted Cruz’s father being involved in the JFK assassination], similar to I quoted the select the alternative day, Determine Napolitano, I quoted Judge Napolitano, similar to I quoted Bret Baier, I suggest Bret Baier talked concerning the phrase wiretap.”
  • “Well, I’m not, well, I think, I’m not saying, I’m quoting, Michael, I’m quoting highly respected people and sources from major television networks.”
  • “Well if you look at the reporter, he wrote the story [about Muslims celebrating 9/11 on rooftops in New Jersey] in the Washington Post.”

Listed below are two quotes on class two misstatements the place Trump says it’s okay to say one factor false, on account of one factor completely totally different would later happen that was form of similar to the issue he falsely talked about earlier:

  • “Sweden. I make the statement, everyone goes crazy. The following day they’ve an infinite riot, and lack of life, and points.”
  • “Because a wiretapping is, you know today it is different than wire tapping. It is just a good description. But wiretapping was in quotes. What I’m talking about is surveillance. And today, [House Intelligence Committee Chair] Devin Nunes just had a news conference.”

And listed below are four quotes on class three misstatements, the place Trump merely insists that false claims he’s made beforehand are, the reality is, true.

  • “Huma [Abedin] and Anthony [Weiner], , what I tweeted about that total deal, after which it turned out he had it, all of Hillary’s email on his thing.”
  • NATO, obsolete, on account of it doesn’t cowl terrorism. They mounted that, and I discussed that the allies ought to pay.”
  • “I inherited a mess with jobs, despite the statistics, you know, my statistics are even better, but they are not the real statistics because you have millions of people that can’t get a job, ok.”

On the end, Trump closes with one ultimate excuse, the final phrase Trump rationale for one thing he does — he gained the election: “I can’t be doing so badly, because I’m president, and you’re not. You know.”