Annual appraisal time, HR team ask office boys to clean their desk before they return to work

Bengaluru: HR employees members of a primary MNC have been requested to report again to office on the earliest as a result of the appraisal cycle have to be kick-started.

HR desk

“I did not realize, it’s already March. Now there is no other option, I have to go to office in next couple of weeks as my organization needs me to drive the annual appraisal process”, talked about Ritesh Sinha who has been on journey and dealing from home mode from Christmas time.

“Today morning while chatting with my other colleagues from HR team in our WhatsApp group, suddenly something stuck in our mind. It has been more than three months we went to our office desk. It must be heavily dusted. So we called office admin person so that he can inform office boys to clean our desks at the earliest,” talked about Ritesh.

Ritesh added, “We know everyone in the company does not get a proper ‘break’ like we do. So before we all left office after decorating it for Christmas and new year, we asked office boys not to clean our desks in our break period. Not sure how many engineers will understand and appreciate this, at least we gave our office boys a partial relief from their work.”

“Some of us keep plants and aquariums at our desk. As we knew we will not in office for more than three months, we have brought them home. Why to put additional work on our office boys to change water, feed the fish, watered the plants. After we join office, slowly slowly we will bring them back to our desks,” talked about Ritesh who believes in planning properly upfront.

In between Ritesh acquired a reputation from office admin. “Can you believe it, as our company is not doing well in this recessionary environment, management has cancelled the appraisal cycle as there would be no hike for anyone. My son would be happiest person, as I can spend entire summer vacation with him which is starting next month,” talked about Ritesh sooner than breaking it to his colleagues in WhatsApp.