Atheists and highly religious people fear death the least: study

London: Does religion make you a lot much less afraid of demise? Of us on two far ends of the spectrum – atheists along with these which can be very non secular are least frightened of dying, scientists say.

Researchers, along with these from Oxford School throughout the UK, studied the connection between demise nervousness and non secular notion. They found about 100 associated articles, printed between 1961 and 2014, containing particulars about 26,000 of us worldwide.

Combining this data, they found that bigger ranges of religiosity have been weakly linked with lower ranges of demise nervousness. The results have been associated whether or not or not they checked out non secular beliefs harking back to notion in God, and an afterlife, or non secular behaviour like going to church, and praying, researchers acknowledged.

The meta-analysis confirmed that whereas people who’ve been intrinsically non secular beloved lower ranges of demise nervousness, these which have been extrinsically non secular revealed bigger ranges of demise nervousness.

Extrinsic religiosity is when non secular behaviour is motivated by pragmatic points such as a result of the social or emotional benefits of following a religion, whereas intrinsic religiosity refers to non secular behaviour pushed by true notion.

The findings have been blended all through the analysis, with solely 30 per cent of the results exhibiting this discovering. About 18 per cent of the analysis found that non secular of us have been further afraid of demise than non-religious of us and over half the evaluation confirmed no hyperlink the least bit between the priority of demise and religiosity.

This blended picture reveals that the connection between religiosity and demise nervousness might be not mounted, nevertheless may differ from context to context, researchers acknowledged.

Researchers moreover checked for curvilinear patterns throughout the data. Out of the 100 analysis, the crew solely found 11 analysis which have been sturdy adequate to examine this idea, nonetheless, of these, almost all (10) formed this pattern.

"This definitely complicates the old view, that religious people are less afraid of death than nonreligious people. It may well be that atheism also provides comfort from death, or that people who are just not afraid of death are not compelled to seek religion," acknowledged Jonathan Jong of Coventry School throughout the UK.

The evaluation was printed throughout the journal Religion, Thoughts and Behaviour.