secures $1 million funding for its PC digital distribution platform

PC-GAMING secures $1 million funding for its PC digital distribution platform

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A digital retailer that sells one sport at a time merely earned an unlimited funding. launched at current that it has secured $1 million in funding, which it ought to use to assemble its group and launch new suppliers. It’ll moreover try and develop consciousness for its mannequin. AIM Group, an important angel investor group inside the Southeast, led the funding.’s web site differs from large digital sport outlets like Steam or GOG in that it highlights one sport that it sells for a restricted time at a decreased worth.

“Our success comes and will continue to grow from providing the most frictionless experience possible for our customers and our partners,” Justin Sacks, chief govt officer of, knowledgeable GamesBeat. “For example, the website is essentially just one page. There’s only one way to purchase any of our games and only one game to purchase with everything you need up right there, clearly defined.”

Justin Sacks, CEO,

Above: Justin Sacks, CEO,

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It would sound uncommon to intentionally present such a restricted selection, however it certainly stands out in a market that’s flip into crowded with new releases.

“There are more than 80 games launched on Steam every week (about 4200 in 2016), gamers finding the games that are of the quality they want and the mechanics/playstyle they’re looking for is getting more and more difficult,” Sacks talked about. “On the other side of the same coin – it’s becoming increasingly challenging for a game publisher to actually connect their game with its ideal audience. By us featuring just one at a time, we’re putting our stamp of approval on the title. If it’s a genre you’re interested in then we essentially guarantee your enjoyment.” moreover tries to connect indie titles with influencers like streamers.

“Influencer marketing is one of the ideal ways to create awareness and sales for any game product,” Sacks talked about. “But even the triple-A game publishers with hundreds of thousands of dollars and teams of 25 plus marketing folks are having trouble connecting with influencers. It’s hard to know who to reach out to, how to get in contact with them, and how to structure the relationship. Our background and networks help to solve this. We deeply understand the value of influencers and know how to put them together with the best game publishers.”

These influencers have included John “TotalBiscuit” Bain, whom Sacks calls’s most worthwhile confederate.