Facebook finally tests a GIF button for comments

After years of stubborn warning, Fb is lastly embracing the animated GIF. Subsequent week Fb will begin testing a GIF button that lets prospects submit GIFs from corporations like Giphy and Tenor as suggestions, a provide suggested TechCrunch. We inquired with Fb, which confirmed the GIF verify is coming with this assertion:

“Everyone loves a good GIF and we know that people want to be able to use them in comments. So we’re about to start testing the ability to add GIFs to comments and we’ll share more when we can, but for now we repeat that this is just a test.”

At first this GIF comment button will solely be on the market to a small share of Fb prospects, however it’d roll out to everyone if it proves widespread. It will work equally to the GIF button in Fb Messenger, allowing prospects to every browse trending GIFs and look for explicit reactions in-line. Clients nonetheless acquired’t have the flexibleness to pick and share GIFs as Data Feed posts, nevertheless comment GIFs may lay the groundwork for that.

Fb’s GIF suggestions button will work equally to GIFs in Fb Messenger, seen proper right here

Fb has prolonged shirked the animated image medium. The rationale was that allowing flashy, eye-catching GIFs may distract from the rest of the Data Feed experience. Fb has even reportedly had help for GIFs built for years, nevertheless delayed rolling it out for concern of disrupting the feed aesthetic.

That was sooner than Fb Data Feeds crammed up with auto-play video. Finally Fb permitted Data Feed sharing with the direct URL of a GIF file, nevertheless that meant prospects wanted to hunt for them on web sites like Imgur or Tumblr, or host them themselves. Then Fb only allowed Pages and ads to share GIFs. There was nonetheless no GIF browser and no importing by prospects allowed.

And the entire whereas, Fb’s feed downranked “low-quality memes,” which could embody ‘image macros’ made up of a GIF + overlaid textual content material. Messenger added GIF sharing once more in 2015, nevertheless the precept Fb app nonetheless didn’t play good with the format.

This anti-GIF orthodoxy lastly began to hold Fb once more. Fellow content-browsing web site Imgur has ridden GIF sharing to 150 million users, and BuzzFeed’s GIF listicles have been among the many hottest hyperlinks foremost people away from Fb.

Nonetheless now Fb is diving headfirst into visual communication, following Snapchat’s lead as social media utilization evolves from textual content material statuses to rich media. Most of that focus has been on video. However, Fb sees flexibility as important to conserving prospects from straying to totally different broadcast channels.

If the verify is correctly obtained, Fb comment reels may rapidly be filled with ‘reaction GIFs’. These typically use a clip of a movie, television current, or cartoon to express the emotion of the buyer, from pleasure to concern.

And eventually, Fb may loosen up and add a GIF button to the Data Feed composer. In any case, GIFs are merely the right moments of video carried out on loop, and Fb says video is its future.