Game about Iran’s revolution nets first U.K. acting nomination for a Muslim actor


Recreation about Iran’s revolution nets first U.Okay. showing nomination for a Muslim actor

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1979 Revolution: Black Friday chronicles the Iranian Revolution.

Above: 1979 Revolution: Black Friday chronicles the Iranian Revolution.

Image Credit score rating: Ink Tales

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) made a historic switch this week: It nominated Navid Negahban for his showing effectivity throughout the on-line recreation 1979 Revolution: Black Friday. It makes the first time a Middle Jap and Muslim actor has been nominated for the distinguished award.

Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Ink Tales studio developed and printed the PC and cell narrative sport regarding the Iranian Revolution in April 2016. It earned varied kudos for director Navid Khonsari, who will also be of Iranian descent. The BAFTA awards are the UK’s equal of the Oscars throughout the U.S.

Negahban gained the nomination for biggest actor for his perform as Hajj Agha. Negahban is believed for his perform as Abu Nasir in Homeland Season 1 and Season 2 along with for a job in American Sniper.

In an announcement, Ink Tales said the nomination was a triumph for quite a few voices and views throughout the leisure and sport industries.

BAFTA has nominated Navid Negahban for best performer.

Above: BAFTA has nominated Navid Negahban for biggest performer.

Image Credit score rating: BAFTA/Ink Tales

“This momentous acknowledgement comes at a particularly sensitive time, when current U.S. politics aim at limiting immigration from six primarily Muslim countries, including Iran,” the company said. “The entire cast of 1979 Revolution, and several on the Ink Stories development team consist of immigrants, refugees, green card holders, and naturalized U.S. citizens from Iran.”

Khonsari was a former Rockstar Video video games developer who labored on the Grand Theft Auto video video games. He moreover went to work on documentaries. I caught up with Khonsari at the recent DICE Awards in Las Vegas in February, the place his sport was nominated for an award.

“I’m a hardcore believer that gaming is the most powerful medium that we have because it allows you to be in the shoes of another person,” Khonsari said. “You can really understand what goes on the world. A lot of people preach that things are black and white. Our focus is to get you into an experience that entertains you but also shows you that things are gray.”

Khonsari well-known that he can’t attend an upcoming sport conference in Tehran. 1979 Revolution: Black Friday has been banned in Iran, and Khonsari was branded as a spy.

In an announcement, Khonsari said, “This BAFTA nomination is deeply special in a million ways but mostly because it’s a celebration of Navid Negahban’s work with us. Beyond his performance, Navid Negahban courageously battled his own ghosts in shooting 1979 Revolution, recalling his own first hand experience as a young teenager on the streets of Tehran, reliving the horrors, euphoria, social unraveling and hardships that he encountered during the revolution. Navid Negahban breathed life into Hajj and 1979 Revolution: Black Friday.”