Home & Office : Schrodinger’s Cat 10oz Mug Set of 2

Is it Alive or Ineffective?

You'll want this set of mugs, lifeless or alive. Impress your people with these two mugs that embody one of many essential thought upsetting concepts in quantum mechanics.
The two mugs on this set look equal, nonetheless when you add scorching liquids, considered one of many mugs slowly reveals a reside cat, and the other, lifeless. Nevertheless until you add the latest liquid, you don't know which mug you’ll have, and the cats might be concurrently alive and lifeless, much like in Schrodinger's thought experiment. No radioactive provide or poison very important.
Product Specs

  • Schrodinger's Cat Mug Set
  • Incorporates two mugs
  • When you add scorching liquid, one mug reveals a reside cat, and the other reveals a dull one
  • Cats are as soon as extra obscured as a result of the mug cools
  • In your favorite quantum physicist or wise joker
  • Functionality: Each mug holds 10 ounces
  • Provides: Ceramic
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash. Do not soak. Microwave protected.