Home & Office : The Proof is in the Pudding 8oz Bowl Set of 4

Psychological Downside + Meals = Win

Don't be irrational or obtuse. The suitable alternative proper right here is to check out these prime ceramic bowls, designed to seem like British pudding basins. Each of the bowls incorporates a well-known theorem on the side and its proof throughout the bottom. This trend, one can ponder the proof of the idea as one enjoys their cereal, soup, ice cream, casserole, or exact pudding. Then, as quickly as consumed, see once you're correct. Did you effectively recreate the proof?
This set consists of four ceramic bowls, each of which holds eight ounces of regardless of pudding you need. Our favorite is chocolate, nonetheless you could choose tapioca, figgy, bread, or black. Vary is impressed! The set consists of proofs to conventional theorems of Euclid, Hippasus, Pythagoras, and Gauss.
Product Specs

  • The Proof is throughout the Pudding Bowl Set
  • Holds your pudding or totally different meals while you ponder well-known math theorems
  • A theoretical birthday, wedding ceremony, graduation, or just-because reward in your favorite mathematician, logician, or frequent nerdy kind
  • Incorporates theorems and proofs from Euclid (on infinite prime numbers), Pythagoras (the Pythagorean Theorem), Gauss (the sum of the first n constructive integers), and Hippasus (irrational numbers)
  • Functionality: eight ounces each
  • Provides: Ceramic
  • Care Instructions: Dishwasher- and microwave-safe
  • Dimensions: Each bowl is 4" in diameter and 2" tall
  • Weight: 2.4 kilos