Hyderabad: Collector blames exclusion of beef for rise in tuberculosis cases

Hyderabad: A district collector in Telangana landed in a problem on Friday after his remarks criticising renunciation of beef or pork for religious causes went viral on social media. He later apologised.

A Murali, collector of Jayashankar Bhupalpally district, said all through a program to mark the World TB Day at Yeturu Nagaram that "Brahminical" custom had affected the consuming habits of scheduled castes and tribes, leading to protein deficiency.

"Earlier we ate pork, beef. Now on account of some Brahminical forces we’re practising ‘Malas’ (a religious vow) and stopped consuming beef and pork. That has results on our immune system and leading to diseases just like tuberculosis," he said.

"Some old people are complaining that they are not allowed to eat beef due to restrictions. It is ridiculous. You eat whatever you want to eat," the Collector said.

Nonetheless, when the video of his speech went viral on social media, some BJP activists blocked a avenue in Mahadevpur mandal, demanding the Collector's suspension.

He had hurt the sentiments of Hindus, significantly the Brahmins, they said. The Collector later apologised for using the phrase "Brahminical".

He was advocating consumption of protein-rich meals to keep up away diseases like TB, he instructed PTI over cellphone.

"TB cases are on rise inside the district. Medical docs are saying it’s due to weakening of immune system and to beat it one has to take protein-rich meals. Now a days people don't eat pork, Goddu Kura (beef) and totally different meats after taking ‘Deeksha’," he said.

"Anyhow, I want to apologise if their feelings are hurt," he said.