I hope when Padmavati releases, people look at it in an unbiased way: Shahid

Mumbai: Shahid Kapoor has acknowledged his forthcoming film Padmavati is being made defending in ideas the sentiments of people after the movie’s set was vandalised in two separate incidents not too way back. The Sanjay Leela Bhansali-directed interval drama confronted the ire of positive groups, who attacked the filmmaker and likewise damaged the film’s set, alleging distortion of historic previous over the depiction of queen Padmavati.

“Our attempt will be to shoot the film smoothly. And we just hope when the film releases people look at it in an unbiased way and after that they can say what they want to. Sanjay sir is keeping in mind the sentiments of the people. We will not do anything that will hurt people,” Shahid knowledgeable reporters on the sidelines of an awards evening time proper right here on Friday.

Earlier too his assertion acquired right here throughout the wake of the torching of the historic epic drama’s set at Kolhapur in Maharashtra by a bunch of unidentified attackers. Spherical 80 to 90 % of jewellery and costumes for the movie had been burnt to ashes throughout the assault. This was the second assault on Padmavati set, as earlier this yr activists of Shri Rajput Karni Sena in Jaipur had vandalised the film’s set and assaulted Bhansali, forcing him to shift his set to Maharashtra.

Padmavati which stars Deepika Padukone throughout the titular place, Shahid as Rawal Ratan Singh and Ranveer Singh as Alauddin Khilji, is scheduled to launch this yr on November 17.

“The entire year is dedicated to Padmavati. I am sure we will complete the film and bring it out sometime this year,” he acknowledged.