Inflating GDP figures is not a matter of pride, says K Jana Reddy

Hyderabad: Chief of Opposition Ok. Jana Reddy on Thursday cautioned the TS authorities towards taking false satisfaction by inflating GDP progress charge of the state as this could harm the state in the long term.

In the course of the debate on Finances 2017-18 in Legislative Meeting, Mr Reddy stated, “Just by looking at your last four Budgets, one can easily find that the state is reeling under a huge debt burden. None of your Budgets could meet any targets. There is huge variation between Budget estimates, revised estimates and actual spending year-on-year. Though you are very much aware of this situation, you are still trying to pretend that the state’s financial condition is stronger and to support your claims you are inflating GDP numbers to show that TS is a rich and revenue surplus state. This cannot last long. The reality will come out in some way or the other. The CAG report to be submitted to Legislature during the end of Budget session would bring out all the facts.” He added that this ‘false pride’ can even end in TS dropping Centre's grants on the bottom of being a ‘revenue surplus state’.

“The 15th Finance Commission will come into force soon. It may recommend cuts in Central grants to TS because it is a rich state as per statistics presented by state government. Besides, the Centre too will cut funds meant for development of backward areas,” Mr Reddy stated.

He additionally took a dig at TRS authorities for failing to fulfil any of its main ballot guarantees even after almost three years in workplace.