It’s true: Smiling at an ad means sales will go up

Advertisers now have a confirmed motive to make you smile.

That’s the important takeaway from a new study by emotion tracking firm Realeyes and candy/food maker Mars, launched this week.

Webcams throughout the laptop methods of 22,334 consenting buyers in six worldwide places tracked emotional reactions to 149 video commercials for chocolate candy (paying homage to Mars, Twix and Snickers), pet meals (Pedigree and Whiskas), chewing gum (e.g., Orbit) and meals (along with Uncle Ben’s rice and Dolmio pasta sauces). Each advert was seen by a variety of hundred viewers.

The idea was to see if emotional responses might very properly be used to predict product sales lifts. With the widespread availability of webcams on laptop methods, entrepreneurs are increasingly using emotional tracking as frequent software program.

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