‘Leave UP or go to jail’: Yogi Adityanath warns supporters of criminals, mafia

Gorakhpur: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Sunday requested all BJP office bearers and public representatives to not undertake any contractual work and as a substitute monitor them for environment friendly execution.

He talked about BJP’s unprecedented win the present Assembly elections had solely elevated the obligations of the social gathering and its employees.

“No office bearer of the party or any public representative should undertake any contractual work (thekedaari). They should rather monitor them. And, if they find any discrepancy, they can inform me, so that action could be taken immediately against the guilty,” he talked about.

Addressing people on the BJP’s regional office on the second day of his Gorakhpur go to, he talked about, “After victory, a number of important works have to be accomplished. The people of the state have reposed their faith in us, and the onus is on us to meet their expectations, while ensuring accountability of our actions.”

Adityanath moreover laid stress on sense of accountability and accountibility amongst his ministerial colleagues.

“I am the CM. (Surya Pratap) Shahi ji is Cabinet minister. But the post of CM or Cabinet Minister is not meant for flaunting. In fact, it is an indicator of one’s responsibility and accountability towards the public, which elected you with an overwhelming majority,” he talked about, pointing within the course of some ministers present in Gorakhpur.

The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, who stays to be the native MP, urged the social gathering to gear up for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

“In the next two years, you have to work tirelessly, irrespective of the fact that there is sunshine, rain or biting cold. Efforts should be made to ensure that the welfare schemes of the Centre percolate to the last strata of the society, and needy people are able to avail its benefits,” he talked about, amidst a thunderous applause from the viewers. Underscoring the need for improved work custom, the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister moreover talked about people who had been able to work for 18-20 hours a day are “most welcome” to affix him, the remaining are free to depart.

“Time has come that we should work 18-20 hours a day. There no time for any entertainment (mauj masti),” he talked about.

He moreover urged the oldsters to help him break the damaging image of UP.

“For the past few years Uttar Pradesh has been defined as a state from whose boundaries begin darkness, from where the pot-holed roads begin and the place from where the women start to feel insecure. I was to break this mindset,” he talked about, and added that he must make UP a spot, the place girls actually really feel protected and secure.

Yogi Adityanath talked about, “I would like to assure that in the next two months, people would come to know how a state government should work. I have got an opportunity to clean the mess (kachdaa saaf karne kaa maukaa milaa hai), and I will do it.”

He moreover steered his ministers that they must be accessible to most of the people. “The doors of your house and office must remain open to the public. This would ensure that the government is able to reach to the last person of the society. No one would go to bed empty stomach and money would not be a constraint in marriage of any girl,” he talked about.

Referring to the acid assault on a woman from Rae Bareli, CM Adityanath, talked about, “The officials are working on ‘puraanaa dharraa’ (old style). I went to KGMU to inquire about the well being of the woman and gave them ultimatum that everything must be done in the next couple of hours.”

He moreover referred to the Agra loot, which was labored out.

“There is no place for those who give patronage to the gooda elements, mafia, criminals and other rogue elements. They have the option of leaving UP or else they would land in places designated for them (jails),” he talked about, whereas hinting at giant revamping of regulation and order.

He moreover talked about people committing electrical power theft going by way of the music. “The situation has already improved in Gorakhpur and it would soon improve in the state as well,” he talked about.

“If you find any discrepancy or anomaly, just message me the relevant details. I will ensure action,” he talked about.