Legion episode 7, “Chapter 7”: the most satisfying episode yet makes a challenging season worth it

Each half begins to make sense.

Spoiler warning: This textual content discusses the plot of the seventh episode of Legion.

It’s troublesome to say whether or not or not “Chapter 7,” the latest episode of FX and Marvel’s addictive TV collaboration Legion, is singlehandedly the easiest episode of superhero television this yr because of it’s good or because of it’s satisfying.

For the earlier six weeks, Legion creator Noah Hawley has taken viewers on a discordant path through the thoughts of 1 David Haller (Dan Stevens). Haller, one of many extremely efficient mutants in historic previous, has what was considered schizophrenia. Nevertheless in “Chapter 7,” we uncover out that the malignant sickness in his head is certainly a mutant named the Shadow King, a parasite that has hijacked David’s thoughts and powers.

Shadow King is a critical villain inside the X-Males comic books, and in Legion we be taught that he has a earlier with David’s fellow mutants. He’s been taking the kind of Lenny Busker (Aubrey Plaza) this complete time, and his grasp plan consists of controlling David and his immense powers. His reveal is a whopper, one which unlocks your full current.

Inside this new context, David’s altered reminiscences are Shadow King’s doing. David’s dad and mother put him up for adoption to steer clear of Shadow King’s vengeance. David’s schizophrenia and his psychological illness have been diversions that cloaked the Shadow King’s parasitic presence in David’s ideas. Now that everyone knows the fact, now now we have a key to which elements of the current are precise and which have been hallucinations.

What’s a bit more durable is figuring out of this reveal is certainly one, or if it merely feels good because of we’re lastly let in on the thriller.

“Chapter 7” is satisfying, nevertheless the decision is prone to be a bit too straightforward

The deus ex machina in “Chapter 7” is David’s growth of a “rational mind” — which is principally David, nevertheless with Dan Stevens’s pure British accent — that appears out of nowhere to reveal that he’s a safeguard David created in his private thoughts to take over in case of an emergency.

In a fairly nifty scene, David and his rational ideas converse through what’s occurring with the Shadow King on an unlimited residing chalkboard (it’s like an unlimited animated comic e e-book net web page), and work out a plan to stop him. The two spell out Shadow King’s origin story step-by-step: He fought David’s father, who banished him to the astral airplane, and it was then, all through his separation from his physique, that the Shadow King latched onto David’s psyche.

It’s an immensely satisfying second, closing the entire loops and twists we’ve been battling through the earlier six episodes. So far, Legion has constantly made us question points, like whether or not or not the events happening in Clockwork Psychiatric Hospital have been precise or hallucinations, whether or not or not characters like Lenny or Melanie Chook (Jean Smart) are precise of us or just constructs of David’s ideas, and even merely how quite a bit exact time has handed in David’s world. Watching David and his rational ideas spell points out helps (largely) to separate the true from the fake. Having points launched coherently and chronologically is a giant thoughts discount, considering how nonlinear and obfuscating the sequence has been.

Nevertheless after this pep converse, David swiftly attains full administration of his powers, managing to avoid wasting a number of his associates and, with the help of Cary’s (Bill Irwin) gadget, cut back off Shadow King’s power present. Considering what an issue this current has been over the course of the season, the reply comes a bit too quickly and cleanly to actually really feel true to Legion’scomplex spirit.

The best issue about Legion is the best way it takes large prospects with superhero convention

What I have the benefit of a lot about Legion is that although it’s telling a superhero story, it doesn’t bow to superhero convention. The current might have merely staged an unlimited superhero battle in opposition to the Shadow King, nevertheless in its place turns the battle pursuit sequence proper right into a basic silent film, full with title taking part in playing cards.

Exterior of Shadow King truly twisting a mutant inside out, there aren’t any dazzling, budget-breaking explicit outcomes proper right here. However it absolutely’s moderately extra environment friendly, even a bit jarring, to see a climactic scene — Shadow King crawling in the direction of Kerry (Amber Midthunder) and Syd (Rachel Keller) with the intent to kill them — absent any sound or coloration. In that sequence, Legion turns horror and comedy into symbiotic companions, making a wierd, humorous rigidity that cuts through the superhero seriousness.

I like that Legion is assured and daring adequate to utilize such a weird stylistic curve inside the season’s most pivotal scene; I need it had confirmed associated confidence and daring in revealing the Shadow King’s id, which was maybe a bit too tidy. Considering how jarring the season has been and its lack of explanations, I might even see an argument for why that decision was made.

Nevertheless the current isn’t with out one remaining twist.

On the end of the episode, the covert military operation usually often called Division three ambushes all people, merely as Shadow King threatens to interrupt once more into David’s psyche. It’s a showdown between David, the Shadow King, and the mutant associates he’s vowed to protect — and given how this season has carried out out, the one predictable issue is that we should always at all times rely on the unpredictable, one factor as screwy as a silent film, when the last word fight finally goes down.