Nostradamus predicted that IT fresher’s salary will remain 3 LPA forever

Couple of predictions from Nostradamus are being talked about all through breadth and width of India. The one BJP Lok Sabha Member Kirit Somaya highlighted, Modi is the chief who has emerged throughout the east to take India to new heights, wanting on the mixed reactions seems like extraordinarily debatable.


Nonetheless, the alternative Nostradamus prediction that claims IT brisker’s wage will keep three lakhs annually ceaselessly has cent p.c consensus amongst engineering college graduates who’re looking out for jobs and HR heads of IT firms.

Whereas speaking to us Manmohan Pai, ex-HR head of an IT bellwether agency headquartered in Bengaluru talked about, “Both me and my colleague Bala, who has joined AAP after getting retired have completely opposite views on Modi. However, both of us being IT industry veterans who have seen it all from close quarters, boardroom meetings can vouch for other Nostradamus prediction which says, IT fresher’s salary will remain same three lakhs per annum till eternity.”

After we requested Mr. Pai, how come such extremely efficient personalities comparable to you and Bala who headed the HR division of such a large group could not do one thing to downside the prediction? Mr. Pai talked about, “It’s not that we did not try. It’s the management who always wanted to retain the big boys of the industry at any cost. Many of them went from five figure to seven figure salary, but our freshers always remained below taxable salary. Only good part is now days no one asks a fresher what is your starting package.”

Whereas speaking to us Mom or father of a brisker who’s going to affix a bellwether IT Agency in May, talked about, “I was so happy the day my son called me to say he has been selected in campus interview. But after I saw his salary package other day, I have gone in to depression. I am retiring in April. Thought he will take charge of home after me. Now with this salary he can barely pay his younger sister’s school fees. Looks like at this age I have to work again at least till my son graduate from fresher’s club to module lead club.”