Now traffic constables to be stationed inside Bengaluru supermarket to control serpentine queues at payment counter

Bengaluru’s notorious congestion has now unfold to its grocery store too with weekend crowds witnessing serpentine queues on the fee counters. Civic authorities have taken a proactive step and are actually planning to have site visitors constables to regulate the gang at supermarkets.

bengaluru supermarket

Chatting with Faking Information a senior official mentioned, “We obtained many complaints from consumers that navigating the aisles on the grocery store has turn into worse that driving by means of Silk Board. Everybody needs to get forward in line and the scenario is nothing lower than a ‘traffic jam’. So to ease the jam and supply higher procuring expertise, site visitors cops will help the mall administration in regulating the gang.

Our reporter visited EasyShop grocery store in Bengaluru to get a primary hand account of how the plan to cope with site visitors inside supermarkets was shaping up. On the primary day itself 100 consumers have been handed challans for not observing site visitors guidelines and equal quantity have been let off with a warning. “Over speeding and ‘overtaking with their shopping carts’ were the violations we encountered in the supermarket. There were a few arguments too as people thought that they were being unnecessarily harassed. Some even tried to bribe our constables. But we still managed to ensure that there were no major traffic related issues in the shopping aisles,” mentioned the Chief of Visitors for Benagaluru metropolis whereas chatting with our reporter.

Buyers too have been completely satisfied that the presence of cops has made it simpler for them to navigate the queue and preserve a tab on those that break procuring guidelines.

Gayathri Reddy, housewife from Bannerghatta who prevented going to supermarkets for the concern of site visitors, appreciated the presence of cops on the fee counter. “Earlier it used to take me an hour to reach the payment counter. But now it takes me just 10 mns,” she mentioned sounding relieved.

Authorities are optimistic that the transfer will probably be profitable and are additionally planning to implement it throughout all main site visitors infested malls in Bengaluru, the one downside being the scarcity of manpower with the site visitors division. “Going forward we’d be having traffic signals and also have speed-breakers inside the supermarket . Hopefully that will do away with physical presence of our cops,” mentioned the Visitors Chief.