Person gets honored by UNESCO for listing out all fights involving Kangana Ranaut in chronological order

Mumbai: Kangana Ranaut has been on the forefront of many controversies off late, nonetheless she would have certainly not thought that her life events will make a normal particular person very well-known. Certain, Kangana’s run-ins with plenty of people in Bollywood have been a blessing for Mumbai resident Sanil Jain. Sanil has been following the occupation of Kangana additional intently than even Kangana herself. He was simply these days honored by UNESCO for itemizing out all controversies involving Kangana, that too in a chronological order, which has been certainly not carried out sooner than by anyone.

Kangana Ranaut surprised with the news
“Kangana Ranaut has no clue such an award exists”

Our Faking Data reporter caught up with Sanil at his residence and he had this to say, “After her initial fights, I thought it was normal for a celebrity to attack someone or get attacked. But things became difficult when the number of fights and no of different people Kangana fought with kept on increasing. I had to follow each and every newspaper, website, Bollywood columns and even her personal assistant to get exact dates of the fights and the reason behind it.”

Sanil has even listed out the fights in lessons which range from small fights (lasting merely 2-Three days ), prolonged fights (lasting for 1-2 months, identical to the one involving Hrithik), Social media fights (involving Shekhar Suman), Face to face fights (clearly along with Karan Johar) and totally different custom-made lessons. UNESCO, an organization which honors such very good dedication thought-about acknowledging the efforts of Sanil by awarding him with the sharpest memory on earth award.

Kangana fought with our reporter when requested to the touch upon this story, properly, Sanil should change this one moreover in his ever rising itemizing. Adhyayan Suman has come out and thanked his followers fan (Shekhar Suman) for supporting him all through strong situations, as he on a regular basis had doubts whether or not or not his fight with Kangana will uncover a spot in historic previous, it completely will, now that even UNESCO has acknowledged it.