PiSound, The Audio Card For The Raspberry Pi

Youngsters right this moment are being loud with their ‘drum machines’ and ‘EDM’. Throw some Raspberry Pis at them, and there’s a necessity for a low-latency sound card with MIDI and all the opposite accouterments of the fashionable, Skrillex-haired rocker. That’s where PiSound comes in.

After all, the Pi already comes with audio out, however that’s not sufficient if you wish to do some actual audio processing. You want audio in as nicely, and when you’re messing round with that, including some high-quality opamps, ADCs, DACs, and a few MIDI can be a good suggestion. That is what the PiSound is all about.

[Pranciskus], the man who has been engaged on the PiSound for some time now, developed this multitool for audio on a tiny Linux system. One of many killer options on the PiSound is ‘The Button’, a easy tact swap that runs a script if the button is pressed, one other script if the button is held down, and two extra if the button is pressed two or thrice. That is really a reasonably nifty UI, and we wouldn’t thoughts seeing this on just a few extra Pi equipment.

When you’d prefer to see some instance tasks utilizing the PiSound, there instance MIDI controllers, networked audio gamers, and a few goofing round with LV2 plugins over here.

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