Podcast: how American immigration policy led to workplace raids, and what they do to communities

It was the most important workplace immigration raid the US had seen so far.

On May 12, 2008, 389 staff, nearly all of them Hispanic, had been detained at a kosher meatpacking plant in Postville, Iowa. That they had been taken to a cattle current ground in shut by Waterloo and tried in groups as big as 10 at a time. Most had been imprisoned after which deported.

The staff had been traumatized. So had been their relations.

“I just remember sinking into my desk and just crying,” Pedro Lopez Vega says, pondering once more to the day he came across his mother had been detained. He was a teenager, in middle school.

Nonetheless the raid moreover had outcomes that rippled outward. Postville’s monetary system suffered, and one study suggests Latinos all through the state of Iowa — every immigrants and US residents — had been affected by the raid.

On this episode of Weeds throughout the Wild, we uncover the implications raids can have and check out the historic previous of our immigration insurance coverage insurance policies to understand why we have raids throughout the first place.

Many due to Luis Argueta, who has made a three-part documentary about immigration, for putting us involved with Pedro Lopez Vega and Joel Rucal.