SAP Ariba unveils Procurement bot, an AI assistant for supply chain management


SAP Ariba unveils Procurement bot, an AI assistant for present chain administration


SAP Ariba unveiled an AI-powered assistant named Procurement proper this second to speak with patrons and suppliers about orders in a conversational interface. The announcement was made onstage at SAP Ariba Reside conference in Las Vegas.

“By its bot, the company plans to permit patrons and suppliers to converse with their SAP Ariba features lots as they’d Siri or Alexa,” the company said in an announcement shared with VentureBeat. “Leveraging machine learning, the bot will be able to train and learn about a user’s preferences and a company’s policies and procedures and guide actions in line with them to reduce errors and speed processing.”

Procurement bot will part of “a portfolio of bot applications that SAP is developing by the end of the year,” SAP said in an announcement.

This is not SAP’s first bot. In its first enterprise into bots, in late January SAP launched Slack bots that speak with SuccessFactors and Concur software.

SAP Ariba is utilized by higher than 2.5 million companies in 190 nations. Ariba was acquired by SAP in 2012 for $4.three billion.