Sufi clerics from India detained due to botched ISI operation: report

New Delhi: The detention of two Sufi clerics from Delhi’s Nizamuddin dargah was most likely the outcomes of a botched operation by Pakistan’s Inter-Suppliers Intelligence (ISI), a report has talked about.

The uncle-nephew duo of Asif Nizami and Nizam Nizami had been detained by Pakistan intelligence operatives earlier this week on the suspicion that Nizam's frequent visits indicated an underhand agenda, talked about the report.

The detention was preceded by a report in a Pakistan publication elevating doubts over the goal of the Sufi clerics’ go to to Lahore. The publication had accused the clerics of being R&AW brokers, and on their return to India, the clerics had blamed a Pakistani newspaper for his or her detention.

The detentions had been most likely spurred by the suspicion that the frequent journeys of Nizam Nizami to Pakistan had most likely been "facilitated" by the Indian authorities, the report talked about.

As for Asif Nizami, he was a ‘collateral victim’, talked about the report, having travelled to Pakistan merely to fulfill his sister residing there.

Thus, the Pakistani intelligence companies could not wheedle any information out of the two Sufi clerics. The operation seems to have been carried out whereas preserving the Pakistani authorities at nighttime, which moreover backfired on the ISI, the report talked about.

After diplomatic heat between India and Pakistan, the two clerics had been launched for want of proof.

Pakistan had earlier denied knowledge of the clerics’ whereabouts, sooner than admitting that they had been inside the custody of its intelligence companies and releasing them.

The report immediate that the clerics’ spiritual orientation – their affiliation with the Sufi sect of Islam, may also have raised hackles. Orthodox sections of Pakistani society do not see the Sufis as actual Muslims, and Sufi shrines have been attacked and clerics killed by fundamentalists.