Video: Muslim couple racially abused in US, 23-year-old woman comes to their rescue

New York: A 23-year-old girl got here to the rescue of an unidentified Muslim couple whereas they have been being verbally abused by a co-passenger aboard a New York Metropolis E subway prepare.

In keeping with Day by day Mail, a middle-aged girl was seen verbally harassing a Muslim couple for his or her existence within the US in a video that went viral.

She questioned the couple, "Why are you here? Why are you in this country if you're not with us?"

A fellow passenger, Tracey Tong got here to their defence and requested the lady to cease bothering them.

Tong questioned the lady about her origin, at which, she yelled again and mentioned, “she was born in the US her family is from Puerto Rico”.

'I’m asking you to please respect them,' insisted Tong. 'In Spanish, in English, in Chinese language, in French – no matter language you need me to say it, I’ll say it.'

Urging the aggressor to respect the couple, Tong mentioned, “We need to stick together”, no matter origin, faith and the language one speaks.

Her intervention made Tong a hero because the video being viral on the web and has been watched for over million viewers.