Wiivv launches Kickstarter campaign for custom-fit, digitally measured sandals


Wiivv launches Kickstarter advertising and marketing marketing campaign for custom-fit, digitally measured sandals

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Above: Wiivv

Image Credit score rating: Dean Takahashi

Wiivv launched custom-fit in-soles to your footwear remaining yr. And now the Vancouver agency is launching a Kickstarter crowdfunding advertising and marketing marketing campaign for custom-fit sandals.

As with the in-soles, the sandals could possibly be constructed for a precise match by the use of a smartphone app that digitally maps your toes. Wiivv takes the data from the app and creates the sandal arch pad with 3D printing know-how.

It sells the sandals for as little as $95, undercutting the value of orthotics created by foot medical medical doctors who value a complete lot of , talked about Louis-Victor Jadavji, cofounder of Wiivv, in an interview with VentureBeat. The company can value lower prices whereas delivering full customization by leveraging the power of smartphones, laptop imaginative and prescient software program program, and 3D printing.

“Some people have never been able to wear sandals,” Jadavji talked about. “Now they really can for the first time.”

Wiivv's app measures your foot for a custom 3D-printed fit.

Above: Wiivv’s app measures your foot for a 3D-printed match.

Image Credit score rating: Wiivv

Wiivv’s insoles and sandals are the beginning of what its founders — Jadavji and Shamil Hargovan — title “body-perfect” merchandise, or bionic devices which could be made attainable by the use of the combination of scanners, cameras, 3D printing, and cloud computing. Chances are you’ll take into consideration all the problems that we positioned on our our our bodies, and the best way they don’t match most of the time. Wiivv needs to change the best way wherein that retailers promote their wares.

Wiivv creates made-to-measure pads that match the contour of your foot’s arch, supplying you with biomechanical assist and luxurious.

“Big footwear brands still don’t grasp the fact that 14 billion unique feet need 14 billion unique solutions,” talked about Hargovan, Wiivv’s CEO, in a press launch. “In an industry dominated by mass-produced products, and offshore supply chains, we’re proud to offer one-off custom products at scale.”

The tactic begins with Wiivv mobile app for iOS or Android. Prospects adjust to the simple instructions to take 5 photos and measurements of their toes. Better than 200 info elements are digitally mapped and processed with laptop imaginative and prescient software program program. This info is used to seek out out optimum strap placement and 3D printed arch assist for each specific foot. The sandals could be personalized with quite a few arch colors and interchangeable straps. Prospects will acquire their distinctive and customised sandals inside the mail inside seven days, as quickly as manufacturing begins.

That’s the second 3D know-how footwear product for Wiivv. Their first Kickstarter advertising and marketing marketing campaign for Base Personalized Insole was a runaway success. It broke info in three completely completely different Kickstarter lessons and it stays most likely essentially the most worthwhile 3D printed product in crowdfunding historic previous. Since launching commercially in January 2016, the company has achieved a main spherical of enterprise funding, purchased over 10,000 insoles, and bought eSoles, a U.S. provider of modular customizable footbeds. That deal which gave Wiivv info for over 50,000 3D foot scans.

“What we proved from the move from insole to sandal is that we can do all kinds of footwear and won’t stop here,” Jadavji talked about. “We consider things like running shoes. Our computer vision is so accurate now, we can do all kinds o f things.”

Jadavji talked about that typical flip flops come as one-size-fits-all, and it’s usually a poor match. There’s usually no technique to alter the toe thong’s location, which could end in chafing. And the soles are sometimes unhealthy for foot biomechanics.

Wiivv flip-flops.

Above: Wiivv flip-flops.

Image Credit score rating: Dean Takahashi

Wiivv’s sandals current arch assist by the use of pads which Wiivv slides into the edges of its sandals. The sandals have deep heel cups to stabilize and take up shock. The sandal straps could possibly be customized as successfully and swapped out based in your development tastes. They usually’re recyclable. Chances are you’ll regulate the toe-thong placement to any of 5 completely completely different positions.

“We get a custom measurement, slide it into the arch, and then laminate it on top,” Jadavji talked about.

And the bio-engineered toe grips give metatarsal assist. Wiivv’s headquarters is in Vancouver, whereas it has a producing evaluation and enchancment coronary heart in San Diego, Calif. Normal, the company has 30 employees, along with specialists in laptop engineering, mechatronics, and biomechanics.

Standard flip flops enhance the chance of points like over-pronation, toe scrunch, foot fatigue and toe blistering. Wiivv talked about that two in three flip flop wearers are dissatisfied with the comfort of their sandals. They experience foot soreness, fatigue, and toe blisters after an prolonged day.

Wiivv has multiple straps for the fashion-conscious flip flop wearer.

Above: Wiivv has a lot of straps for the fashion-conscious flip flop wearer.

Image Credit score rating: Wiivv

Foot, ankle and calf soreness are most positively a outcomes of the foot over-pronation and lack of assist, which typically outcomes from strolling spherical in footwear with little to no arch assist, cushioning, and heel cupping.

Toes hurting is a normal ailment known as “toe scrunch” that outcomes not solely from lack of full-foot assist, however as well as ill-fitted footwear/straps that don’t maintain sandal whereas strolling.

Wiivv believes that these diseases are a direct outcomes of not having the becoming biomechanics assist in footwear.

Early fowl pricing on the Kickstarter advertising and marketing marketing campaign is $59. Orders positioned on the company’s web site will worth $79, whereas the retail mannequin is $95.

Jadavji and Hargovan started their agency within the summertime of 2014, they normally have raised $10 million to this point. The company launched full-length insoles in November, and that is now 80 p.c of product sales.